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Dinner-Beer Pork Chops

Drunken pork chops; beer pork chops; really damn good pork chops; whatever you call them, they are pretty much amazing.

This recipe is a classic in our household.  It's nice and basic, but can be easily dressed up with some nice side dishes.

My grandmother contributed this recipe to a women's club cookbook titled "Taste Tempters", and  you can tell that it has been a favorite for a while. This specific page of the cookbook has 3 generations worth of cooking stains, along with a small note in cursive handwriting that reads "140 cal each". Now, I am not sure I can vouch that these pork chops contain only 140 calories each, but I can attest that you probably won't care too much about calories while eating these!

The sauce for these chops is made from a magical trio of ingredients that are typically on hand in our house. When you put these ingredients together, they become a fantastic BBQ style sauce that tastes great with or without pork chops. You could …

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