Dinner - Good Earth Tuscan Chicken with Penne Pasta

We tried this meal a week or so ago, and I am just now getting to write a bit about it! On our last visit to the grocery store, we saw a new addition to the boxed dinners in the natural section. I'll be honest, we really just wanted to get our fave lazy dinner, Annie's mac 'n cheese, but we thought it would be nice to try something more.

The Good Earth boxed entree Tuscan Chicken with Penne Pasta ended up in our cart. Granted, it's not a super healthy meal but like the box says, it does make an excellent restaurant substitute. Basically, this meal is kind of the gourmet version of a boxed meal, all you add is the chicken!

The meal was nice and easy to cook, tasted alright (a little salty for our taste, but not too bad overall), and preparation clocked in at under an hour. This would have been great paired with some garlic bread, perhaps some green beans or asparagus, and a nice bottle of wine.

The website above for Good Earth also is offering a $1 off coupon right now, if you're looking for something new and quick, or a good alternative to your favorite boxed meal, this one would be it!


  1. Made this for dinner last night - super yummy! Plus a great deal - I got the Good Earth boxed stuff at the $1 Store!


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