Dessert - Homemade "Oreo" Cookies

I have been inspired by many cooking blogs as of late (see my sidebar if you want to check out my faves!), but I find myself being drawn again and again to the delightful confections and genuine simplicity of the tasty morsels found on Smitten Kitchen.

Most recently, I have become borderline obsessed with Oreo cookies. I want to eat them all the time. I've been dreaming about their smooth creamy centers and crunchy "not too sweet" chocolate cookies next to a giant glass of (skim) milk. I somehow found out about a recipe for homemade Oreos (not sure the exact source, could have been, could have been another blog?? Heather, was it you??).

Smitten Kitchen had a recipe for them, and I had it bookmarked on my iPod's browser for a while, tempting me with delicious photos of homemade Oreos each and every day. Then, while looking through one of my magazines over the weekend, I saw her. The founder of Smitten Kitchen, Deb Perelman, flush across one of its pages. It was a sign!! I had to make these cookies.

So, pre-Superbowl game day movie of "True Grit" (yes, we really didn't watch the game...much), in the span of about an hour, I decided it was time to make these cookies. As Matt said, it was like Iron Chef Jamie in our kitchen. I can attest, these cookies can be made in around an hour!

But I know you are wondering - How do they taste?! Well, I will tell you they are probably about 75% Oreo . The cream is pretty dang close, and the cookies are good but had I used the Dutch-process cocoa or black cocoa (as the Oreo company uses) they probably would have been closer to the real deal.

I will spare the repost of the recipe in favor of you checking out these blogs for recipes:

Smitten Kitchen's Homemade Oreos - This is the recipe I used. I took their hint and used only the cup of sugar (not the cup and a half).

Knead To Be Loaved's Homemade Oreos - The recipe I will probably try next time, at least on the cookie end of things. The shortening in the cream from the Smitten Kitchen recipe grossed me out to begin with (I think shortening is weird...sorry!!), and I think adding gelatin would creep me out more. Although, it probably helps to achieve that precise Oreo-filling texture.

My Baking Addiction's Homemade Oreos -This blog used the same recipe I did, but they made their cookies really cute by tinting the cream filling! (Can I also just say, I SO want to make those mini cake donuts in the recent post!! ADORABLE!!)

If you happen to make your own homemade "Oreos" I would love to know how you like them!! They were a great easy cookie to make, and applying the filling was really easy!! Highly recommended!


  1. Hey, I know Knead to Be Loaved! Well, I know her through LJ...but still! Annalise is a baking genius. :) I use her recipe for Chocolate Croissants, and they are amazing.

    Smitten Kitchen is Smitten AMAZING. :)


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