Review - Breakfast - Pillsbury Quick Bread in Apple Cinnamon

Matt and I have been on a Sunday morning breakfast kick. We've been enjoying nice, baked breakfast goodies the past couple of weeks, thanks to a healthy supply of coupons for muffin and quick bread mixes.

Let me just wax poet a moment about Pillsbury. I cannot resist trying an item toted by a delightfully giggly, smushy critter (man??) made out of flour. Ever since I was a little kid, I have wished that the Pillsbury dough boy was real. Ok you can laugh now. But really, wouldn't you love to have him serve you a cinnamon roll, or a slice or warm cake?!

A little dough boy trivia, courtesy of the Pillsbury web site:
-The dough boy's voice was originally provided by Paul Frees, better known as the voice of Boris on "Rocky and Bullwinkle".
-The dough boy was "Toy of the Year" in 1972.
-The dough boy gets fan mail!!! (What have I been thinking, I should have sent him a letter long ago...) Apparently, in this fan mail, people request AUTOGRAPHED dough boy photos. (Again, why have I never thought of this?!)

Alright, so now that you know of my soft spot for Pillsbury, I will tell you about our lovely breakfast today which consisted of Pillsbury's Quick Bread in Apple Cinnamon. (Not biased at all.)

Matt decided to take over on the baking today, usually it is my job. I joked that box mixes are "so easy a husband could do it" (it's a joke, see?? Like those ads that think husbands can't cook). Matt does a great job cooking, so obviously he has no issues with box mixes. This one being no exception, easy as promised.

Matt baked them in a muffin pan (instead of a loaf pan). The mix came with a little pouch of apple filling-type stuff, and also a pouch of cinnamon sugar streusel to top the muffins.

They baked up nice and fluffy, and they tasted really good for a boxed muffin mix!! Real chunks of apple, and home-made tasting muffin base. The mix would probably be great as a loaf, almost as a coffee-cake.

We would recommend that if you are looking for a nice, cheap, easy and quick breakfast, you should give this one a shot!! Pretty darn good, and great for a lazy Sunday.


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