Dinner - Arizona Dreaming Chicken (Throw Together Meal #2)

Matt cooked up this great random meal for us the other night. We were having one of our friends over to hang out, and Matt decided to make a quick meal with some stuff we had hiding in the freezer. It turned out really deliciously.

The snap peas and French fries are nothing special, just frozen foods. Although, Matt did dash a bit of Penzey's Fox Point Seasoning on the fries and it made them taste fantastic!!

We also put another one of our Penzey's seasonings to use: Arizona Dreaming. We received the Arizona Dreaming seasoning for free, thanks to a generous coupon from the Penzeys catalog (If you are not already signed up for the catalog, sign up NOW, you will definitely not regret it.)

That Arizona Dreaming seasoning mix has been creeping up my list of favorites since we got it, and I think that this chicken really sealed the deal. Matt used a basic vegetable oil and seasoned both sides of the chicken with the seasoning. It was a simple meal, but very flavorful and incredibly tasty.


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