Dinner - BBQ Chicken Bake

For tonight's dinner, the recipe comes from the Betty Crocker/Bisquick recipe cards magazine subscription. This dinner was really quick, easy and pretty tasty. It actually put me in mind of another recipe I made several years ago, which is similar in taste but is cooked in muffin cups.

You prepare a crust using Bisquick, then top with cheese, BBQ chicken, and bake in the oven for a bit over 20 minutes, topping with more cheese and cooking a few additional minutes. This is obviously not the most healthy recipe thanks to all of the delicious ingredients, but it was a decent quick meal. I do think that it could benefit from the addition of bacon.

We used the rest of our BBQ sauce from the Wild Turkey distillery for this dish, and using different sauce would slightly change the flavor. I could see this dish being made in another fashion, similar to the muffin cup variation I linked to above, using BBQ pulled pork instead of BBQ chicken. You could probably also alter it to be a taco bake by using chicken/beef mixed with salsa and topping with taco blend cheese, or to be an Italian bake by using Italian sausage mixed with marinara sauce and topping with mozzarella cheese.

Betty Crocker has provided the recipe on their website here, so if you'd like to try it out feel free!


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