Dinner - Low-Cal Fettuccine Alfredo with Scallops

When I was home sick a couple months ago, my sweet husband brought a couple magazines to keep me company. One of these happened to be an issue of the Food Network Magazine. Not only that, but it was THE ITALIAN ISSUE. Talk about right up my alley.

The magazine covers everything from how to make a pasta bake out of any ingredients you have on hand, how to make a bruschetta-inspired martini, and even 50 uses for pesto. I am pretty certain I would like to try every recipe in this issue!!

One of the first recipes I dog-eared in the issue was for Low-Cal Fettuccine Alfredo. Normally, I could really pass on alfredo sauce. I've never been a huge fan of alfredo, and I generally opt for the more common and traditional red sauce. Something about this recipe caught my eye, so we decided to give it a go. I think it was the low-cal aspect, but really if you're going to eat fettuccine alfredo, do you really want to think about how bad it is for you??

We made the pasta sauce and the recipe was really quite easy and came together quickly. It was also quite nice to see that most of the ingredients were things we had on hand in our kitchen! We decided to pair the pasta with some of the small scallops we had in our freezer from another recipe. It was a great idea and the two really went together well!!

This recipe is a definite keeper and I know we will be eating it again very soon! It made enough for 4 servings, so we had leftovers the next night. Incredibly, it tasted even better the second day!! The sauce thickened and was really deliciously creamy.

Please visit the Food Network Kitchens website to view the recipe for this delicious dish!!

If you'd like to add scallops like we did, saute them in some oil and a little lemon juice until done. Just drain the juice away and add the scallops to your pot of alfredo-ed pasta! Enjoy!!


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