Breakfast - Mix & Match Quick Bread: Banana Chocolate Chip

I was in the middle of reading my favorite new food magazine, the Food Network Magazine, when I found out about the awesome Mix & Match column. It is a column designated to putting forth a "ratio" (if you will) for a specific sort of food and how to vary it according to said ratio. In the Italian issue a couple months back, the topic was "pasta bakes", and in this issue (May 2011) the topic is "Quick Bread".

Now, you may recall my aversion to baking banana bread, and that I am somewhat cursed with making an awful loaf every, single time. Well, my friends, I believe that this recipe is the cure!!! The bread came out wonderfully moist, with a nice sugary-tasting crust, and just the right amount of banana flavor!! It was so good I even forgot to top it with the chocolate glaze as I intended.

And you can make not only banana bread, but pear bread, apple bread, carrot bread, and zucchini bread ALL FROM THE SAME RECIPE!!!! Yes. It is amazing. You can also vary your mix-ins and glazes so you can create approximately, (well probably) thousands of types of bread. (Yes, for you math nerds, I was thisclose to using the ! button and figuring out exactly how many combinations are possible.)

And lucky for all of you, Food Network Magazine is AWESOME and is actually posting all these Mix & Match recipes on their website!!! These people are great!!!
Please click here to view this GORGEOUS quick bread recipe in all its entirety!!!
If you are interested in others, I googled Food Network Magazine Mix & Match and a bunch of different ones came up, including: fruit crumble, chocolate bark, mac & cheese, and baked pasta.

Have fun and I'd love to see what you create with this recipe!! Trust me, it's totally a keeper!!


  1. Nom nom nom!!! That looks super tasty, Jamie!


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