Buitoni Shrimp and Lobster Ravioli

Ok, ok, so in an ideal world, I would be cooking from scratch every night, but reality proves that sometimes I just don't have the time! I've held off on cooking a couple of nights lately, thanks to splendid leftovers from the gigantic vat of creamy chicken and noodles that we made a few nights ago.

Last night, we decided to crack open one of our coupon purchases, a frozen dinner by Buitoni pasta. It was the Shrimp and Lobster Ravioli. Let me start by saying (as Matt can attest) that I am usually not crazy about frozen meals. They tend to gross me out in general, although I am fine with frozen pizzas and some frozen meals without meat. Seriously, does meat in frozen meals gross anyone else out?! Honestly!

Okay, back to the ravioli. I have been in this crazy "I love shrimp and lobster" mood lately, which is fairly recent as usually seafood's not my favorite. This meal by Buitoni is actually pretty decent! The only thing that surprised me was that they threw some onion pieces into the ravioli filling (not a huge fan of onions).

The shrimp and lobster tasted pretty fresh, not fishy or gross. The meal included a garlic butter sauce, which we didn't use the entire pack of since it was pretty thick. I can't recall the nutrition facts, but the calorie count wasn't too bad (well, compared to a pasta dinner out) at 500 calories per serving. After boiling the water for the pasta, it took a mere 6 minutes to cook! Not bad for a frozen meal!

I wouldn't be against trying this meal again, but I think next time I would be curious enough to try another "flavor" of Buitoni's frozen pasta dinners. Their refrigerated ravioli and tortellini products I have had in the past have been delicious, quick meals as well, so it is nice to see that Buitoni has kept the quality when moving to the frozen meal area.


  1. It's funny--I have a coupon for one of these meals for free, but can't find them anywhere here! What a bummer.

  2. I'm trying this tonight.


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