A year of meals!

My husband, Matt, and I decided a couple of months ago to limit the amount of times we eat out at restaurants. We were going to have it be our New Year's resolution, but I thought we should just start it! So, about at the end of October 2010, we started trying to eat at our house as much as possible.

Our goal is that we will only eat out once per month. The only exception to this is if we are invited out for a special occasion.

This blog will hopefully be the documentation of how successful we are at our goal, and also a great place to keep the variety of recipes and different dishes we are trying throughout the year. I am hoping to provide as many links as possible to the recipes we try, and if they are my recipes, I will definitely post them!

If they are from a book or another source, the information will be listed as well. We have been using the local library system a LOT this past year to save money, and they have so many great cookbooks! I would love to hear if this blog inspires you to do the same, either in eating at home more often, or using the library to cook new dishes.

I guess I should also preface by saying that eating at our house more also became one of our goals since we are in the process of saving up for a down payment on a house. So, the majority of recipes will be on the inexpensive side as well!

Hope you enjoy the blog and that it inspires you to cook more of your food at home!


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