Dinner - Scallops with Rice Noodles

I failed to take a photo of this dish...but it was really delicious so I will post about it anyways.

We decided to get a bag of mini scallops last time we were at the store. The scallops were actually not too expensive, when broken down into servings. We have already gotten 2 servings out of them, and we plan to get 2 more. The bag was in the $5-6 neighborhood, and for seafood, that is not too bad!!

Matt actually prepared this dish using a boxed rice noodles and sauce mix and adding the scallops. He made the Thai Kitchen Toasted Sesame Stir-Fry Noodles as directed on the package. They actually are quite tasty, not too salty or peppery. A nice, sweeter sesame sauce coats the noodles.

Matt sauteed the scallops in a bit of sesame oil (super delicious for cooking up meat and seafood!!), which complemented the flavor of the noodle sauce well.

We have had the Thai Kitchen noodle products in the past. I like them a lot because they are easy to make into many different sorts of meals. We have prepared them with chicken before, and have also eaten them with no meat added. They are quick, easy, fairly inexpensive, and a great way to make a speedy meal that is delicious and almost tastes like take-out.

This was a really pleasant change of pace meal, since we don't usually buy scallops. I am hoping to try more meals with scallops this year, they definitely are delicious and easy to prepare!


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